You're lucky you get financial aid. My dad "makes too much"... And thats how I became a stripper.

There’s always a way to get some type of financial aid/scholarship but good luck in your stripper endeavors and work those poles! P.S. I’ll probably see you in the near future

What should I wear to a scotty mcCreery concert? It's outside on fair grounds and I'm in the pit so I will be really close to a lot of people so I don't want to wear a dress

Ah I love Scotty McCreery! I would definitely wear something flowy since it will be crowded and hot. So either a pair of flowy shorts with a fitted tank or a cute flowy tank with shorts and cowboy boots or some comfy sandals. You could always go for a romper as well! Hope this helps and have fun!

I thank the good Lord above for financial aid because I’d probably have to take up stripping if I had to pay tuition.